Web Design & Development

We follow a simple process for creating websites:

Graphic Design

Tom can create all sorts of digital artwork, from websites and brochures to social media banners and completely bespoke illustrations.

Here are a couple of examples, with more to come later:


Once your website is complete, we'd love you to stay with us and let us host it. Our hosting is fast, secure, and fairly-priced. If you only consider the price, there are cheaper options, but you'll be hard-pressed to find a cheaper package that included the level of support that we offer.

Relationships are our favourite part of business, and hosting with us will allow our relationship to grow past the project stage. We'll honour your commitment to us by including small changes to your website, as well as round-the-clock e-mail and telephone support in the hosting cost.

If you would rather host your website yourself or with another provider, then no worries. We can help you with that, and still provide assistance as-and-when needed, however we won't throw in any freebies ;-)

Here are some features:

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